Printed Optical Chemical Sensors. (POS)

01.01.2013 - 31.12.2016
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Kuncová Gabriela
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The aim of the project is mastering of printing of recognition layers of optical chemical sensors (hereinafter referred as printed optical sensors), tests of their functions and a basic design of a reader. The main outputs of the project should be production technology of printed optical sensors and a reader design. The market of printed optical sensors should be at first in packing of products that need monitoring of protective atmosphere of pharmaceuticals, food, meat, beverages as well as preservation of archives and museum collections, another sensors employments are a detection of freshness of fish, meat or fruits or monitoring of specific components of food and beverages. An important application of printed optical sensors (in contrast to electrical ones) is in explosive and flammable environment. It is a case of security in mines and transport of explosive or hazardous materials. This is connected also with personal security in case of terroristic attacks and military actions. Potential application of printed optical sensors is in simplification and price reduction of medical screening assays in-office and home use diagnostic tests . Production of recognition layers of optical sensors via print is cheaper, in comparison of other methods, furthermore such sensor could be disposable which, in connection with fixation of sensitive components into chemically and mechanically stable organic-inorganic polymer, will support large scale utilization of optical sensors. From a broad spectrum of optical chemical sensors the research of print technology will be focused on sensors comprising fluorescent agent and enzyme. Therefore a reader design will be a component of the project outputs.