VIMMP: Virtual Materials Market Place

01.01.2018 - 31.12.2021
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Standardní projekt
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Lísal Martin
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je pouze spoluřešitelem
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Fraunhofer IFAM

Virtual Materials Market Place is an easily accessible, user-friendly hub that provides access to all tangible and intangible components, such as information, knowledge, services and tools to support the efficient decisionmaking, uptake and effective use of materials modelling by a wide range of manufacturing end-users, thereby facilitating an accelerated speed of development and market deployment of new materials. At the core of VIMMP will be a metadata enriched data environment that eases the tasks of all actors. In particular it will facilitate the translation of a scientific problem into modelling workflows, ready for simulation using a range of software tools integrated into an open simulation platform and deployed on cloud services. The VIMMP platform is open, so that any provider can easily integrate and deploy their software codes as well as services.