Laboratory of Aerosols Chemistry and Physics

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Ždímal Vladimír
Rozvojová 135/1, 165 02 Praha-Lysolaje, Česká republika
zdimalaticpf [dot] cas [dot] cz
+420 220 390 246

Annual Reports for Department of Aerosols and Laser Studies


Fields of research

  • Atmospheric aerosols
  • Indoor/outdoor aerosols
  • Nucleation phenomena
  • Heat and mass transfer in aerosol systems
  • Interaction of aerosols with electromagnetic radiation
  • Emissions sampling
  • Engineered nanoparticles and health
  • Aerosol technology
  • Density functional study of interfacial phase transitions and nanodrops
  • Dynamic properties of simple and complex fluids on a molecular scale
  • Molecular simulations and perturbation theories for model fluids and fluid mixtures
  • Development of equations of state based on molecular theory
  • Molecular simulations of solid–liquid interfaces
  • Mesoscale simulations of polymeric and energetic systems
  • Density functional study of interfacial phase transitions and critical phenomena at non-planar surfaces
  • Dynamic non-equilibrium properties of complex fluids and their mixtures


Applied research

  • Determination of particle-size-dependent aerosol filter efficiency
  • Process measurements of aerosol particles
  • Measurements of the aerosol particle size distribution in sprays
  • Determination of size-resolved chemical composition of aerosol particles
  • Emission and ambient sampling of aerosol particles and their analysis

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