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Bažant Graduate Conference 2023

31. May 2023 14:30
Ing. Magdalena Bendová, Ph.D.
ÚCHP - Velká zasedací místnost

31 May — 1 June 2023, Large conference room of the ICPF

The annual Bažant Postgraduate Conference will take place on 31 May and 1 June 2023 in the Large conference room of the ICPF. Contributions by 22 students of the 1st-4th year, who work on their doctoral dissertations at the ICPF in collaboration with Czech and foreign universities, will be presented in English. The best presentation awards will then be awarded by a committee consisting of:

Ing. Magdalena Bendová, Ph.D., ICPF PhD Studies Board (Chair)

Ing. Irena Brányiková, Ph.D., ICPF PhD Studies Board

RNDr. Radek Fajgar, CSc., ICPF PhD Studies Board

Ing. Karel Soukup, Ph.D., ICPF PhD Studies Board

Ing. Jaroslav Tihon, CSc., ICPF PhD Studies Board

Ing. Vladimír Ždímal, Dr., ICPF PhD Studies Board


Doc. Ing. Pavlína Basařová, Ph.D., Faculty of chemical engineering, UCT Prague

Prof. Sandrine Bouquillon, Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de Reims, Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne

Doc. Ing. Jiří Mikyška, Ph.D., Faculty of nuclear sciences and physical engineering, CTU Prague


Conference Programme

Wednesday, 31 May 2023

14:30 Conference Opening

14:40 RNDr. Radek Lhotka: Ambient organic aerosol origin at rural background site in the Czech Republic

14:55 Mahdi Bourassi, MSc.: How can we best eliminate pharmaceuticals from wastewater?

15:10 Ing. Martin Kurfiřt: Detailed Investigation of Human Galectins -1 and -3 by employing selectively deoxyfluorinated N-acetyllactosamines

15:30 Ing. Vojtěch Hamala: Organoruthenium glycomimetics as selective galectin-1 inhibitors

15:45 Closing Remarks


Thursday, 1 June 2023

9:00 Opening Remarks

9:05 Ing. Karolina Salvadori: Utilization of electrochemically induced cleavage of various sulfonimides

9:20 Mahasoa-Salina Souvenir-Zafindrajaona, MSc.: Green approach for the preparation of biosourced ionic liquids and study of their thermodynamic properties

9:35 Ing. Aleš Krčil: Synthesis and cytotoxicity of fluorinated mannosamines

9:50 Coffee Break

10:00 Ing. Jan Čížek: Chiral anion exchanger based on α-methylbenzylamine for enantioselective separation of racemic acids

10:15 Ing. Jiří Štěrba: Application of hydrodynamic cavitation in brewing

10:45 Claudia Vásquez: Cultivation of Limnospira maxima and utilization of its fresh biomass in human nutrition

11:00 Ing. Petra Mušálková: Use of photoautotrophic microorganisms in bioremediation of surface waters


11:10 Coffee Break

11:15 Ing. Matěj Hašek: Organic fluorine – content and change during thermal treatment

11:30 Ing. Anastasia Shtukaturova: Hazardous components: A case study in textile waste management

11:45 Ing. Antonín Šperlich: Investigation of recycling possibilities of discarded photovoltaic solar panels

12:00 Ing. Anežka Sedmihradská: Properties and use of high-temperature biochar

12:15 Lunch Break

13:00 Kajal Julaha, MSc.: Intercomparison of Boundary layer and Mixing layer height from models and ground-based measurement

13:15 Ing. Jiří Kovářík: Vertical gradients of atmospheric aerosols chemical composition

13:30 Mgr. Lenka Suchánková: The effect of meteorology and aerosol size distribution on light scattering properties at a rural background site in Central Europe

13:45 Coffee Break

13:50 Mgr. Natalie Jaklová: N-alkylation of a lysergic acid derivative under PTC conditions in a continuous arrangement using sonication

14:05 Ing. Anna Paříková: Separation of Nanoparticles from Polydisperse Suspensions in Microfluidic Devices

14:20 Ing. Mark Terentyak: Liquid Mixing Time and Gas Holdup in Bubble Column Bioreactor

14:35 Ing. Václav Harrandt: The electrodiffusional theory for wall shear stress measurement by two-strip probe: journey to near-wall region hydrodynamics

14:50 Conference Closing

15:45 Conference Winners Announcement


Program Bažant Graduate Conference 2023

Sbornik Bažant Graduate Conference 2023


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