Conditions of the studies:

ICPF is accredited in 7 study programs together with the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (Analytical and Physical Chemistry, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Technologies) and in 2 with the Faculty of Science of Charles University (Environmental sciencesPhysical Chemistry) and the doctoral study always takes place according to the rules of the respective university. At the given university, you take lectures and have to pass exams. After the state doctoral examination and the defense of the dissertation, you will receive the title “Doctor” (Ph.D.). Financial conditions, dormitory accommodation, student tickets for Prague integrated transport, insurance, taxes, etc. are similar to the conditions of other doctoral students working at the universities. Upon agreement, it is possible to complete doctoral studies at any other university, apart from those listed above.

The dissertations prepared at ICPF typically use state-of-the-art technology and are often linked to the urgent ecological and technological problems of today. Contact with the international scientific community through conferences and internships is a matter of course. The results of students’ work are presented at the annual Bažant Conference for doctoral students.

If you are interested in further information (admission exams, accommodation, financial and social conditions) or you want to see our laboratories, please get in touch! February and March are traditionally OPEN DOORS MONTHS for those interested in doctoral studies at ICPF.

Deadline and requirements for submitting applications:

The application must be submitted ELECTRONICALLY via the study information system of the University of Chemistry and Technology by April 15, 2024. Charles University also accepts electronic applications by April 30, 2024. If you decide on doctoral studies at IPCF, it is necessary to include in your application the name of the research topic chosen from the list of projects. We also highly recommend visiting the institute in advance or at least notifying your potential mentor via email.

Place and date of job interviews:

Admission interviews are held either at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague or at the Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague, which will provide you with further details after submitting the application.

Purpose of job interviews:
(a) assess the suitability and interest of the applicant,
(b) select an appropriate topic and approve mentors and consultants,
(c) clarify the study plan in advance.

Next course of action:

Applicants will be notified of the admission by the relevant dean’s office, followed by enrollment in the study and handing over of the student index. With these documents, you will come to our HR department, where you can conclude an employment contract. Your position as a full-time university student is not disturbed by this contract.

Other questions on the telephone numbers of the institute:

doctoral study: dr. Ždímal, tel .: 220 390 246, e-mail:
HR department: Mrs. Křížová, tel .: 220 390 216, e-mail:


Information about the doctoral study at the ICPF 2024/2025

Analytical And Physical Chemistry
Chemical And Process Engineering
Chemistry And Chemical Technology
Enviromental Science
Sustainability and Curcular Economy
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