The library of the ICPF of the Czech Academy of Sciences is part of the Scientific Information Center at the ICPF of the CAS. It provides its services both to the employees of the institute and to a wide range of users from the public, students and employees of other institutions. Here, you can find magazines, books, and encyclopedias in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, and physics, many of which are completely unique in the Czech Republic. Due to the institute’s membership in the Library of the CAS and in the consortium of the CzechELib National Center, the library also offers access to key electronic and information resources and specialist databases. Open Science, i.e. open access to results and data, is addressed and ensured by the Library of the CAS.


Library services

  • Library regulations of the ICPF library
  • Records of publication activity. Every researcher of the institute is obliged to immediately report a published article (or other type of publication activity) to the processor of ASEP (e-mail The processor will ensure that the results are entered into ASEP and subsequently, if they meet the given conditions, into RIV.
  • Handling orders for copies of articles and borrowing books, unavailable in the library from domestic and foreign sources for the institute’s employees.
  • Dealing with the requirements of Czech and foreign libraries as part of the interlibrary and international loan service.
  • Purchase and cataloging of books
  • Records of borrowings
  • Purchase and registration of magazines
  • Reprographic services: Printing of posters and posters for employees of the institute on a large-format printer up to A3 size. Copying and scanning of materials for employees of the institute up to A3 size. Lamination up to A3 size.
  • Patent and license agenda



ICPF Library, Rozvojová 135, 165 00 Prague 6

  • Head of the library: PhDr. Eva Jirsová,, +420 220 390 227
  • Scientific Secretary: Dr. Ing. Vladimír Církva,, +420 220 390 132
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