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Multiscale flow structure in the transition from slurry bed to fluidized bed


Project is an international cooperation between the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals of the CAS and School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Tianjin University in China. The project intends to systematically analyse the relationship between slurry bubble column reactors (SBCR) and gas-liquid-solid fluidized bed reactors (FBR), two of the most important three phase reactors. The main objectives of the project are to find the boundary of application of each type of reactor and to extend the mesoscale science model developed for the flow in FBR to SBCR. The project joins advanced methods for multiphase flow investigation, as well as mechanism modelling and numerical simulation of the two teams, internationally known for their expertise in bubble columns, on the Czech side, and in fluidized beds, on the Chinese side. The project represents a frontier investigation in international multiphase flow reaction engineering, important for the development of reactor theory, with good prospects for industrial application.

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