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Study of drop interactions with a vortex structure

Liquid-liquid dispersions are encountered in numerous technological and biotechnological processes. Immiscible drops break in the turbulent liquid flow and form a complex multiphase system. Understanding the particle breakup mechanism at turbulent flow conditions is important because theoretical models describing this mechanism are essential for the numerical modeling of complex multiphase systems.

The postgraduate project will be focused on the experimental study of dynamic behavior of drops after their interaction with a turbulent vortex in order to determine the breakup rate of original particles and the size distribution of newly formed particles. The breakage mechanism will be studied in dependence on various hydrodynamic and physico-chemical conditions of the studied system.

Department is well equipped for the study of drop breakup in turbulent flow. Cells for controlled generation of bubble, toroidal vortices and intense turbulent flow are available, as well as all the control and evaluation software.

Requirements for the applicant: master degree in chemical or mechanical engineering; ability to teamwork; systematic and creative approach to scientific problems; interest in experimental work.

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