Preparation of thin layers of ferromagnetic manganese silicides and germanides

Mn/GeMn/Ge vrstvaElektronová difrakceLaser ablation of an Mn target in several Pa of a reactive background gas (SiH4 or GeH4) leads to the preparation of manganese silicides and germanides. Deposited layers are mainly amorphous; however, annealing at 600 °C (silicides) or 350 °C (germanides) triggers the crystallization of nanoparticles. Different crystalline phases of silicides (Mn4Si7, Mn5Si3, Mn5Si2) or germanides (GeMn a Mn5Ge3) can be produced, depending on the conditions (especially the pressure of a gas precursor and annealing temperature). Improvement of ferromagnetic properties is observed with increased crystallization of the layers.

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