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Chiral Membranes for Enantiomer Separation

21. October 2021 14:00
doc. Ing. Pavel Izák, Ph.D., DSc.
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Preparation of enantiomerically pure compounds remains a challenging task, despite great progress in asymmetric syntheses and separation techniques. Each enantiomer exhibits identical chemical and physical behavior in achiral surroundings as for its counterpart, but their biochemical and pharmacological properties can differ significantly, e.g. enantiomers may possess different therapeutic efficacy and side effects. There is currently a strong tendency to use enantiomerically pure drugs to reduce the burden of ineffective or even harmful enantiomers in patients’ organs. Moreover, due to the huge quantity of racemic drugs on the market, environmental problems may arise from drug residues and metabolites. Therefore, many chiral drugs have been redeveloped as single enantiomers; nevertheless, there is still a significant portion of racemic drugs among the recently approved new molecular entities. The new chiral membranes-based chiral ionic liquids and chiral polymers and their potential for racemic mixture separation will be presented.

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