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Synthesis of hydrogen from secondary raw material

  • Duration:
    2/2023 - 12/2025
  • Provider:
    Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  • Programme:
    THÉTA 5
  • Registration number:
  • Principal Investigator:
  • Co-investigators:

    Principal Investigator:
    Ing. Jaroslav Kocík, Ph.D. (ORLEN UniCRE, a.s.)

    Co-principal investigators:
    Ing. Karel Soukup, Ph.D.
    Ing. Martin Růžička (ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o.)


The goal of the project is the development of a suitable type of catalyst active in the sulfane direct decomposition as a refinery by-product. The product of direct decomposition is hydrogen with a high potential for use in transport as a valuable energy raw material and sulfur as a raw material for the preparation of chemical products A suitable catalyst will make it possible to reduce the energy demand of the process while maintaining or increasing its efficiency. As part of the project, the applicability of the knowledge of direct decomposition of sulfane process in existing refineries will also be assessed, which would enable the processing of crude oil with a higher concentration of sulfur leading to a reduction of the Czech Republic’s dependence on Russian crude oil.<

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