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Molecular composition of atmospheric aerosols

Organic compounds make up 20–90% of atmospheric aerosol, and a large part of them is soluble in water because it undergoes many oxidation reactions in the atmosphere. The aim of this work will be to study the concentration and size distribution of molecules determined using a combination of methods of ion chromatography with mass spectrometry, or other methods, e.g. 1H-NMR.

Samples will be collected at various stations in the Czech Republic using large-volume samplers and large-volume cascade impactors. Size-differentiated samples will then enable the age and origin of these compounds to be determined more closely.

Required education and skills

  • Master degree in chemistry, environmental studies or meteorology;
  • systematic and creative approach to work;
  • both independence and team work ability.

Supervisor: Ing. Jaroslav Schwarz, CSc.

Co-supervisors: Ing. Petr. Vodička, Ph.D., Ing. Štěpán Horník, Ph.D.

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