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Biorefining and circular economy for sustainability

  • Duration:
    1/2023 - 12/2028
  • Provider:
    Technology Agency of the Czech Republic
  • Programme:
    National Centres of Competence 1: Support programme for applied research, experimental development and innovation
  • Registration number:
  • Principal Investigator:
  • Co-investigators:

    Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, REMA System, Palacky University Olomouc, Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, PAPEK s.r.o., TERAMED s.r.o., WEEE, TRISOL farm s.r.o., EcoFuel Laboratories s.r.o., RABBIT Trhovy Stepanov, CzechGlobe – Global Change Research Institute of the CAS, ORLEN UniCRE a.s., Czech Technical University in Prague, Institute of Botany of the CAS, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

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The goals are new products from renewable sources related to the Circular Economy employed environmentally friendly technologies addressing individual elements of the European Green Deal concerning current social and environmental issues. The effective utilization of waste originated in agriculture, animal production or forestry, various discarded constructions, electrical facilities and plastic materials to obtain biostimulants from green hydrolyzate from animal wastes, agriculture reclamation of dumps by mixed biochar with biostimulants for fast-growing trees, new biopesticides for chemical pesticides replacement; catalysts for synthesis of petrochemicals from ethanol based on lignocellulosic materials, oil products from the complete recycling of plastics, green energy by reuse of discarded solar panels.

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