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Carbon isotope measurements as a tool to gain insight into atmospheric processes

25. November 2021 14:00 h
Ing. Petr Vodička, Ph.D.
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Although aerosol particles are a small part of the atmosphere, they have a significant impact on, e.g., air quality, climate, or health. Isotope analysis of atmospheric aerosols is a possible way to study the processes that take place in this atmospheric component. Carbon is one of the relatively abundant elements in aerosols, so isotopic composition analysis of stable carbon 13C can be used, for example, to roughly analyze the sources of these particles. A parameter that may provide more insight into the behavior of particles in the atmosphere is the distribution of δ13C between the aerosol and gas phases. This inter-phase distribution of δ13C as a function of different seasonal sources of 13C was the focus of our research. In this lecture, the results of a seasonal study of δ13C measurements in the fine aerosol and gaseous phase at the Prague-Suchdol station will be presented.

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