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Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry: Current status

1. November 2023 13 h
Velká zasedací místnost ÚCHP

The laboratory of Analytical Chemistry at the Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals exists under a new organizational structure since January 2023. The transformation from a scientific to a service group has brought some changes. However, the laboratory continues to support scientific groups in their research projects. Our instrumentation allows us to provide services in the following main areas – NMR spectroscopy, separation techniques, and spectrometric methods (HPLC-HRMS, GC-MS, GC-FID), as well as atomic emission spectroscopy (MP-AES). We focus on the development of methods for the characterization, identification, and quantification of organic substances. In the field of elemental analysis, we specialize in the determination of metal elements, including heavy metals and rare earth metals. In a brief presentation, we will introduce in detail our equipment and its specific applications.

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