Separation of gaseous mixtures

We focus on membrane separation of gas mixtures, especially the treatment of raw biogas from various sources to obtain an alternative fuel – CNG. With regard to the current trend of decarbonization of technologies, we also deal with the capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other gaseous pollutants from flue gases. Flue gas cleaning has great application potential for industry, especially with the increase in the price of emission allowances and new stricter emission limits. Gas separation is studied using both commercially available membranes and our own membranes, which are prepared in our laboratory or in cooperation with universities and research institutions in the Czech Republic or abroad.

We study mainly polymer membranes with supported ionic liquids, polymers with intrinsic microporosity, or composite membranes with targeted surface treatment or modified by process conditions. The transport and separation properties of these membranes are evaluated from the experimental data to assess the prospective use of the studied materials as well as input information for models for the design of membrane modules and the separation process.

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